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The Great Hetch Hetchy Debate. by Robin Meadows. This photo from the early 1900s shows Hetch Hetchy Valley from the southwestern end, with the Tuolumne River flowing through the lower portion of the valley prior to damming. Photo by Isaiah West Taber. When Spreck Rosekrans visits Hetch Hetchy — the valley in Yosemite National Park that San Francisco turned into a reservoir nearly a century. In 1908, San Francisco voters approved building a dam at Hetch Hetchy. In 1913, after more than a decade of debate, Congress passed the Raker Act approving the dam. O'Shaughnessy Dam was completed in 1923 and on October 24, 1934, water from the Hetch Hetchy project finally began pouring into San Francisco Hetch Hetchy: Congress and the Environment Guiding Question: What environmental positions were reflected in the 1908-1913 congressional debate about damming the Hetch Hetchy Valley? How do those positions inform today's environmental debates? Summary: Students will study the Hetch Hetchy debate with primary sources from the records of. In his gracefully written, skillfully researched work, Robert Righter, one of our leading environmental historians, untangles the surprisingly complicated and contradictory debate over Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy, which has continued into the 21st century and remains as relevant today as it was a century ago when John Muir tried and failed to stop the city of San Francison from damming the. Giving a Dam: Congress Debates Hetch Hetchy. The first great American conservation movement was born during the Progressive Era out of the concern that industrial growth and urban development threatened to extinguish America's wilderness. The era's most controversial environmental issue was the five-year struggle over federal approval for the flooding of a remote corner of federally-owned.

Following a fierce nationwide debate led by John Muir and Will Colby of the Sierra Club, the City of San Francisco was authorized by the U.S. Congress, in the Raker Act of 1913, to construct a dam and reservoir on the Tuolumne River in Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park. The O'Shaughnessy Dam was completed in 1923 and, after the necessary pipelines and power houses were completed. Basically, that is what the petition (suit) filed by Restore Hetch Hetchy is all about; that is, to come up with a plan to rework the water system so that Hetch Hetchy Valley does not need to be used to store the water. According to suggestions listed in the petition, itself, the water from the reservoir at Hetch Hetchy can be stored downstream, say at Don Pedro Dam Hetch Hetchy is the name of a valley, a reservoir and a water system in California in the United States.The glacial Hetch Hetchy Valley lies in the northwestern part of Yosemite National Park and is drained by the Tuolumne River.For thousands of years before the arrival of settlers from the United States in the 1850s, the valley was inhabited by Native Americans who practiced subsistence. The mission of Restore Hetch Hetchy is to restore the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park to its natural splendor - while continuing to meet the water and power needs of all communities that depend on the Tuolumne River groups in a reenactment of the Hetch Hetchy debate, which took place in the early 1900s, with 1910-1913 involving intense discussion on whether or not a dam should be constructed at this site. For Building at Hetch Hetchy Against Building at Hetch Hetchy 1. City of San Francisco 2. San Joaquin Valley Farmers 3. Army Corps of Engineers 4. Spring Valley Water Company 5. Conservationists 6.

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  1. Hetch Hetchy: A History in Documents captures the tensions animating the long-running controversy and places them in their historical context. Key to understanding the debate is the prior and violent dispossession of Indigenous Nations from the valley they had stewarded for thousands of years. Their removal by the mid-nineteenth century enabled white elite tourism to take over, setting the.
  2. Name:_________ Directions: Provide 1-2 pages of notes on the debate surrounding the construction of the Hetch Hetchy Dam. The Notes must include the following Assessment: We will be having a debate on this subject for 50 formal points on 3/23 Background of the construction of the Dam (at leas..
  3. The Hetch Hetchy Debate Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to re-decide whether or not to construct a dam in Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park. Background: This simulation is intended to stimulate each participant to delve deeply into the facts and the issues associated with this case study and to develop articulate and persuasive ways of presenting the argument or defense.
  4. PBS NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels and producer Catherine Wise produced this segment in 2005 about the environmental debate over Hetch Hetchy
  5. Das Hetch Hetchy Valley ist das Tal des Oberlaufs des Tuolumne River auf der Westflanke der Sierra Nevada im US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien.Es liegt im nordwestlichen Teil des Yosemite-Nationalparks, etwa 320 Kilometer östlich von San Francisco.Das Tal wurde wie das südlich benachbarte und bekanntere Yosemite-Tal des Merced River in den Eiszeitaltern von Gletschern als Trogtal geformt und war.
  6. Hetch Hetchy was once a resplendent glacier carved valley, with towering cliffs and waterfalls cascading onto a serene valley floor. Pioneer conservationist John Muir called it a remarkably exact counterpart to the now world-famous Yosemite Valley - 15 miles to its south. Hetch Hetchy was one of Earth's most beautiful places. Some believe Hetch Hetchy is named for Dichelostemma capitatum.
  7. More Info not building the dam will be at our disadvantage when a natural disaster occurs dam can become a beautiful sight to see won't only be beneficial economically give the wild animals a wider area of water to drink off of By: Francisco Villalobos Israel Lemus Pedro Garci

Hiking in Hetch Hetchy. While the debate goes on, Hetch Hetchy remains a relaxing and often-overlooked corner of the park - much to the delight of hikers and backpackers who prefer less touristy experiences. Wapama and Rancheria Falls. Looking up at Wapama Falls from the footbridge on the hiking trail. Photo: Chris Migeon . Although there are relatively few visitors to Hetch Hetchy, you'll. 1 of 22 Hetch Hetchy Valley in 1917, left, before the construction of O'Shaughnessy Dam, and in 1933, right, after the area was flooded to create the reservoir Nature Be Dammed: The Hetch Hetchy Dam Debate August 14, 2014 Conserving nature and providing drinking water to San Francisco's residents are two very different things when it comes to the Hetchy Hetchy Valley Dam Shari Belafonte narrates the story of Congress allowing a dam to be built in a national park - for the only time in American history. Restore Hetch Hetchy bo..

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The dam in the Hetch Hetchy valley of Yosemite National Park, first proposed in 1908, was intended to create a reservoir that would provide water and electricity for the burgeoning city of San Francisco. A national debate ensued between the preservationist and conservationist factions of the young environmental movement. Preservationists, led by John Muir, believed the valley should be. In this activity, students will analyze documents related to the environmental debate about developing a dam for a steady water supply for the residents of San Francisco in the Hetch Hetchy Valley. They will analyze petitions, resolutions, and telegrams sent to the United States Senate. Students will study the Hetch Hetchy debate with primary sources from the records of Congress. From 1908. The Hetch Hetchy Dam is the name of a popular reservoir and water system in the state of California. Moreover, the stated term is typically located in Northwestern part of the National Park of Yosemite. During 19th century, the Hetch Hetchy Dam was being inhabited by the Native Americans who usually practiced the so called hunting-gathering. The said Dam is a portion of the National Park of.

Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals Electronics Customer Service Books New Releases Home Computers Gift Ideas Gift Cards Sel Hetch Hetchy is more than a recreation destination - it is the home of a massive reservoir and the center of a heated political and environmental debate. Building the Dam. The Hetch Hetchy Valley underwent a monumental transformation when the City Of San Francisco received the approval of Congress in 1913 to build a dam in the Hetch Hetchy. Dam Hetch Hetchy! As well dam for water-tanks the people's cathedrals and churches, for no holier temple has ever been consecrated by the heart of man . . . said John Muir.1 Meanwhile, Mayor Phelan considered the project essential to save the city from monopoly and microbes. 2 The federal Right of Way Act of 1901 provided the legal basis for the city to acquire rights to national park land.

Car: The Hetch Hetchy parking lot is 38 miles (1 hour, 15 minutes) from Yosemite Valley. The Hetch Hetchy Road begins just outside of the park on Highway 120, near the Big Oak Flat Entrance Station. This road has seasonal hours corresponding roughly with daylight hours; during summer 2020 the road will be open from 8 am to 5 pm. There is no access to Hetch Hetchy trailheads when road is closed. Hetch Hetchy represented the first great environmental controversy in the US, and debate over the dam and reservoir continues today. Preservationist groups such as the Sierra Club lobby for the restoration of the valley, while others argue that leaving the dam in place would be the better economic and environmental decision Names of individuals who appeared before the House and Senate Public Lands Committees and others who contributed to the debate regarding Hetch Hetchy are identified above. Assign class members the role of each individual. Their job is to carefully read the material related to their role taking careful notes using a format like that suggested above. They need to be able to identify themselves.

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John Muir, the Hetch Hetchy Valley, and a bird: or, how I've spent the last forty years, and will spend the next as-long-as-I've-got . One spring, when I was a child, my family went to Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park. My family mostly tried (and failed) to teach one another bridge, and I wandered around the emerald valley. Having grown up in semi-arid southern California, the. Hetch Hetchy Dam The Hetch Hetchy valley is the subject of one of the greatest and longest debates between conservationists and preservationists. In short, preservationists look to safe the great Hetch Hetchy valley from being dammed and flooded, and by doing that they prevent San Francisco people from getting what is rightfully theirs, the clean water and natural resources of the Hatch Hatchy. A deliberation is not a debate. In debates, people argue the option they think best by proving the other side wrong. In a deliberation, all sides have merit and emphasis is placed on the best way to include all these sides in the decision-making process. 11. Let's talk about the decision you will be deliberating. 12. Pass out Hetch Hetchy Guide to students. PRE-VISIT LESSON 5. PROCEDURE Set. Hetch Hetchy Reservoir would be drained over three years, allowing incremental restoration of the valley. San Francisco would lose $18 million to $34 million worth of hydropower annually, but.

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The city proposed building a dam in the Hetch Hetchy valley to create a reservoir, unfortunately for them Hetch Hetchy was located within Yosemite National Park and protected by the federal government. For the city to be able to build a dam they needed approval from the federal government in the form of a bill. The city pressured congressman John Raker to draft and present a bill to congress. Hetch Hetchy is another valley in Yosemite National Park that was dammed in the early 1900's to provide water for the San Francisco area. Regardless of how you feel about the creation of Hetch Hetchy, it is hard to debate how beautiful it is currently with the reservoir and how even more beautiful I am sure it would be in its natural state without the water This Hetch Hetchy Dam Essay example is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic, please use our writing services.EssayEmpire.com offers reliable custom essay writing services that can help you to receive high grades and impress your professors with the quality of each essay or research paper you hand in before the dam Requiem for Hetch Hetchy Valley - A Collection of 13 Historic Photographs by Joseph N. LeConte ; Historic Photos by Herbert W. Gleason - A Collection of 5 Photographs ; Looking Up Hetch-Hetchy Valley from Surprise Point, 1908 by Isaiah West Taber, Taber Photo, San Francisco - An outstanding panorama as published in Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. VI, No. 4, Plate XLVI, January, 1908 Hetch Hetchy is pretty and interesting, but it's not among the top sights at Yosemite. It's hardly worth the long drive to get there if your time is limited. If you're staying three to four days or making a repeat visit, it might make a good change of pace. At the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, you can walk across the dam and learn more about area's history from the interpretive signs. Because of its.

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  1. It caused an unprecedented national debate on the subject. Once again, the preservation of Hetch Hetchy was pioneered by John Muir and his followers. This time, San Francisco had two things going for it. First, they presented their proposal as an enhancement to the park, but more significantly, the committee members were more pre-disposed to granting the request. San Francisco, fighting fire.
  2. The Battle over Hetch Hetchy: America's Most Controversial Dam and the Birth of Modern Environmentalism - Kindle edition by Righter, Robert W.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Battle over Hetch Hetchy: America's Most Controversial Dam and the Birth of Modern Environmentalism
  3. This short film explains the history behind the flooding of the Hetch Hetchy Valley, and the continuing debate regarding its restoration. Starring Harrison Ford
  4. Buy Hetch Hetchy: A History in Documents by Miller, Char online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase

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What was the basic controversy in the Hetch Hetchy Valley debate? d) All of the above: The Hetch Hetchy Valley was located in Yosemite National Park, Water in the valley was needed for use in San Francisco's municipal water system, & The controversy pitted naturalists against the needs of urban populations. John Muir was . a) The founder of the Sierra Club. Which of the following statements. Even though he didn't win that debate and Hetch Hetchy was decided after years of debate, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Raker Act of 1913, allowing the dam to be built. It gave him determination to go around America and fight harder to protect the natural part of America. In 1892 John Muir then created the Sierra club to help him protect these natural parts of America. In 1892, John Muir. A NATIONAL DEBATE - JOHN MUIR. The battle to save Hetch Hetchy was Muir's last. As the founder and leader of the Sierra Club he successfully fought two earlier application by San Francisco to dam the valley, but lost in 1913. He died just over a year later. HETCH HETCHY DAMMING SCHEME. The better part of the world is beginning to know that beauty plays an important part in human progress, and.

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However, at Hetch Hetchy you will find a different face of Yosemite, solitude, adventure, fun climbs and a chance to leave the guidebook behind and put up new routes. Last but not least, hopefully you will find inspiration among its sheer granite walls, and the opportunity to ponder the debate of restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley first hand. Getting There From Hwy120, just outside the entrance to. Hetch Hetchy Valley Top : taken in the early 1900s before the O'Shaughnessy Dam was constructed, shows the Hetch Hetchy Valley an..

Sollte der Hetch-Hetchy-Stausee im Yosemite-Park von den Folgen des Brands betroffen werden, sei auch die Wasserversorgung von San Francisco gefährdet, erklärte der Gouverneur Hetch Hetchy Valley was formed by the same glaciers that formed Yosemite Valley. - [Narrator] You have incredible cliffs, beautiful autumn foliage, and the Ptolemy River meandering quietly. - [Narrator] But we can't go visit it anymore and look at this same scene. - [Narrator] Hetch Hetchy Valley was damned in 1923 in order to provide water supply for the city of San Francisco. - [Narrator] So. Hetch Hetchy, sometimes called a mini Yosemite Valley, provides water and hydroelectric power for San Francisco and much of the bay area. The water is pristine and it has far fewer crowds than the other spots we visited in Yosemite National Park. In the morning, we drove north of the Big Oak Flat entrance to the Hatch Hetchy entrance of the park. From there it was a direct - albeit very.

Hetch Hetchy Valley lies about 20 miles north of Yosemite Valley. Since the 1880s, the city of San Francisco had been raising the possibility of constructing a dam on the Tuolumne River at Hetch Hetchy Valley. The dam could provide sorely needed fresh water for the Bay Area along with an inexpensive supply of hydro-electric power. In order to do this, the valley would have to be flooded to. The debate over Hetch Hetchy dam was an interesting time in American history. The attitudes towards nature were changing very quickly. In 1890, a decade before the Hetch Hetchy debate fired up, the frontier ended according to the US Census. That touched off a great deal of interest in the wilderness, in wild animals, the Indians, changing attitudes - we were no longer struggling against the. Archival photo of the Hetch Hetchy Valley. Photo by Herbert Gleason, courtesy Restore Hetch Hetchy. Yosemite. Yellowstone. The Grand Canyon. The Great Smoky Mountains, and so many more. It's hard to imagine the United States of America without our national parks. But in the late 19th century, preserving public land in its natural state was a new and provocative idea The Historical Debate to Dam Hetch Hetchy Valley. O'Shaughnessy Dam was highly controversial at the time it was proposed in 1906. It was famously fought by John Muir, who questioned whether a private reservoir for San Francisco belonged in a National Park. However, his efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. San Francisco Mayor James Phelan and city engineer Michael O'Shaughnessy believed.

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The Hetch Hetchy Valley loss was a kind of compounded last stroke. Native people had already been impacted for at least 100 years by terrible disruption from outsiders well before the Hetch Hetchy Dam was thought of. The obliteration of the connection between that Valley and it's people through flooding was only the latest chapter in what had been a cavalcade of historic, horrific losses. The environmental movement as we know it was forged in the fight against Hetch Hetchy Dam. No previous debate over the American landscape had so engaged and enraged the American public. The Sierra Club and other opponents helped stir this sentiment and their campaign to preserve Hetch Hetchy became the prototypical environmental campaign. From Hetch Hetchy: Undoing a Great American Mistake. At one time there was a Hetch Hetchy Valley.The name originates with the native Americans of the region. The Hetch Hetchy Valley was a granite lined canyon with waterfalls and forests. That was the time before the O'Shaughnessy Dam was constructed. The story of this dam involved years of debate starting in 1906 with John Muir and other.

The Hetch Hetchy project had its beginning in early 1900s when the City and County of San Francisco gained generous rights to the Tuolumne River watershed in 1910. The project centered on damming the main Tuolumne River as it meandered through Hetch Hetchy, a wide glacial-cut valley almost as grand as Yosemite. The river, with its source in a perpetual glacier on 13,000-foot-high Mount Lyell. Hetch Hetchy, the second largest municipal water system in the state and an engineering marvel, is his monument. Carl Nolte, Hetch Hetchy at 60 is Still Causing Controversy, San Francisco Chronicle, October 27, 19994, ppl. A19, A24. There are two ironic footnotes to the Hetch Hetchy struggle. One is that despite the progressives' arguments for public power, the electricity from the Hetch. Hetch Hetchy Debate Introduction: As we look at the progressive reforms that Theodore Roosevelt embraced during his presidential administration, few were as ground-breaking as the first attempts to protect the natural environment of the United States. The debate over Hetch Hetchy was an early battle over the proper balance between the environment and the needs of the people. On _____ we will. Note: A revised version of the following essay, omitting the first three paragraphs, and edited to emphasize the similarities of Hetch-Hetchy to Yosemite Valley, was eventually included asChapter 16 of Muir's 1912 book, The Yosemite. This article begins on page 211 with the Isaiah West Taber photo Looking Up Hetch-Hetchy Valley from Sunrise Point; the article proper begins on page 212

Proponents and opponents of breaching O'Shaughnessy Dam to restore the Sierra's Hetch Hetchy Valley engaged in heated debate Thursday in San Francisco, with the discussion settling on a familiar. Hetch Hetchy: | | | Hetch Hetchy Valley | | | | |... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most. debate, the City of San Francisco, Calif., com- pleted the O'Shaughnessy Dam, which flooded Hetch Hetchy Valley in California's Yosemite National Park. Today, the future of Hetch Hetchy Valley is still debated. Current discussion of restoring the valley has arisen within the state, and the idea of restoration has been largely supported by the use of system optimization and simulation. 3 thoughts on Hetch Hetchy Valley Debate- Molly Bass zak gentile November 9, 2015 at 5:07 pm. I feel like after 100 years later the damage is done. If its already done and it's not worth destroying something already build for a good cause. Clearly California needs the water and it doesn't seem right now at least. Well done Molly, I. The Hetch Hetchy controversy, past and present. Spring Valley and the boomtown politics of water -- James Duval Phelan and the imperial dream -- The private debate over Hetch Hetchy -- A national cause célèbre -- The political outcome -- Competing claims for water -- Mismanaging the dream -- Constructing the engineering marvel -- The Raker Act's ignored mandate -- PG & E and the politics of.

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Stopping A Yellowstone Hetch-Hetchy: When Private Interests Nearly Put Parts Of America's First National Park Under Water In this excerpt from John Taliaferro's new book on George Bird Grinnell, local efforts to exploit Yellowstone remind us again that past is prelude . by John Taliaferro. Support Us Get Newsletter The serenity of Yellowstone Lake glows, as John Taliaferro writes, as a diadem. Offering viable alternatives for restoration, Brower's Hetch Hetchy is both an exploration of the pitched battle over an environmental tragedy and an inspiring reverie of a possible future. 1913; in Hetch Hetchy Reservoir (Calif.) United States. Advisory Board of Army Engineers ; Hetch Hetchy Valley . Report of Advisory Board of Army Engineers to the Secretary of the Interior on Investigations.

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have experienced a simulation of the Hetch Hetchy debate. Procedure. 1. Review what previous lesson activities have helped students discover concerning the various reasons people supported conservation efforts. 2. Introduce this lesson by informing students that they will be re-creating a Congressional debate over the Hetch Hetchy Valley in California's Yosemite National Park, which served to. understand both sides in the debate. Usually, when the Hetch Hetchy controversy is discussed, it is because of preservation and John Muir's ideal of keeping National Parks, like Yosemite, pure and sacred. The focus is rarely centered on the side that is branded the villain, which in this controversy is San Francisco. However, there is merit to discussing the city's side in this pivotal.


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  1. The Battle over Hetch Hetchy: America's Most Controversial Dam and the Birth of Modern Environmentalism (English Edition) eBook: Righter, Robert W.: Amazon.nl: Kindle Stor
  2. Huge political and economic debates remain. But so far no biologists have come forward to say Hetch Hetchy Valley would not return to life after about 100 years. You get major cleansings of the.
  3. Righter, The Battle over Hetch Hetchy, 2006, Buch, 978--19-531309-3. Bücher schnell und portofre
  4. Hetch-Hetchy Water Project: Then & Now The Hetch-Hetchy valley was initially a V shaped ravine that had been slowly carved out over time by the ancient Tuolumne River. After some glacial formations occurred during the last glacial period the valley was carved into what it appears as today around 10,000 years ago due to the melting of the glaciers. After the glaciers had finished melting they.
  5. Hetch Hetchy bears are early risers, for they had been out in the open valley printing the hoar frost before I arrived. This valley is situated on the main Tuolumne River, just as Yosemite is on the Merced. It is about three miles in length, with a width varying from an eighth to half a mile; most of its surface is level as a lake, and lies at an elevation of 3800 feet above the sea. Its.
  6. g the pristine Sierra valley for public water and electrical power. In the current climate, when the nation and world face the.
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  1. imum storage of 154,200 acre-feet. I can see a couple of jumps in the plots of storage vs. time that suggest the dam is occasionally operated to send water to other locations, so a true picture of the storage in the system would need to.
  2. Despite Muir's appeal to President Roosevelt to save Hetch Hetchy, Pinchot's view eventually prevailed. In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill approving the dam into law. Muir, now 75.
  3. In general I don't like to label anything because labels never say enough and often say too much. I would call myself more preservationist than conservationist but I don't know if I would have supported John Muir in the Hetch-Hetchy debate. I think it was a terrible thing to destroy the natural glacial valley an

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  1. While the Hetch Hetchy reservoir is just one of the nine reservoirs that makes up the 160-mile long regional water system, it holds 85 percent of the available water. Not only does the Hetch Hetchy system provide San Francisco with clean water, it produces 40 percent of San Francisco's power, which serves more than 400,000 homes and large users such as SF General Hospital, the San Francisco.
  2. Giving a Dam: Congress Debates Hetch Hetchy Dam The first great American conservation movement was born during the Progressive Era out of the concern that industrial growth and urban development threatened to extinguish America's wilderness. The era's most controversial environmental issue was the five-year struggle over federal approval for the flooding of a remote corner of federally.
  3. The Hetch Hetchy region, in northwestern Yosemite, is an area of the park I had never visited. Its splendor has been said to rival Yosemite Valley's, fueling a national debate years ago on whether to build a reservoir on its site. Nevertheless, O'Shaughnessy Dam was built and the reservoir now supplies pristine drinking water to most of the San Francisco Bay Area, though there is an.
  4. Shop the Store to Restore Hetch Hetchy by New Headings, where 20% of all you spend goes directly to Restore Hetch Hetchy in support of their restoration efforts. All the items are embellished with the attractive Restore Hetch Hetchy logo. Shop the Store to Restore Hetch Hetchy by New Headings. 20% of what you spend goes to Restore Hetch Hetchy. Hetch Hetchy Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle by.
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  6. Martin S. Vilas, Water and Power for San Francisco from the Hetch Hetchy Valley; Congressional Debate The resources below consist of transcripts of the committee hearings and debate over two bills during the year 1913. By this time, battle lines had been clearly drawn between preservationists and conservationists and may be easily detected in the testimony. Hetch Hetchy Dam Site: A Hearing.
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