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  3. They are also easier to learn than other build orders. Water: Can be used in any water map that has deep fish, your first 4 fishing ships need to be on deep fish for the build order to work. Consider walling your base for the full water build order. More of this sort of thing: Age of Empires II Definitive Edition Simple Fast Castle B
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Age of Empires 2 Build Orders. By HighFlyer. A few of the most common Build Orders used in Age of Empires 2 for newer players. Not comprehensive. Award. Favorite. Favorited. Unfavorite. Share. Created by. HighFlyer Offline Category: Gameplay Basics, Multiplayer, Walkthroughs. Languages: English. Posted. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition game guide focuses on a simple Build Order for a fast castle start for Dark Age and, Feudal Age. This is a quick guide on a simple fast castle Build Order. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you Age of Empires II (2013) All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Age of Empires II (2013) > Guides > Cicero's Guides. 345 ratings. Build Order Reference (PDF) By Cicero. Collection of the most important build orders in a clear and accessible format. 2 . Award. Favorite. Favorited. Unfavorite. Share. Created by. Cicero Offline Category: Classes. Learning the proper build orders and their execution is crucial if you want to win in most RTS games, and this applies to Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition as well. Every civilization except the Huns starts in the same way- build an early house to avoid population cap, farm sheep and go for lumber

The above algorithm by Mayank is excellent. However, castling a little late (~25 seconds) with 1 extra villager in the Dark Age is even more advantageous from the point of view of the Knight Rush, as the player can attack in the 18th minute itself.. While this build order is viable by almost all the civilizations of Age of empires 2 except [Spanish, Bulgarians]. It's recommended to pick a civilization that excels at archers in the early and late phase. I drew a table for top 13 civilizations you always want to pick to have a major success with this build order Falls ihr zum ersten Mal Age of Empires 2 spielt, oder nach langer Pause zurückkehrt, haben wir einen übersichtlichen Guide für euch. Age of Empires 2 ist unter anderem deshalb ein Klassiker. May I suggest adding a 25+2 build for fast castle, the one where you take 30 gold and sell 100 wood in feudel age? I liked this build for BF when I knew I had to go up early. I dont remember if you need deer but I think it also works with 6-7 farms or so if pushing deer isnt possible. The advantage is that you save 100 wood on a mining camp and you dont need gold (or stone) since you just do 3.

Going age up on 22 population (21 villagers+a scout) and rush the opponent with Archers in the Feudal Age. Since Archers only take Wood and Gold, they shouldn't hinder their progress to the Castle Age much, so long as they get a few extra Villagers on wood and gold. Britons can get out of the Dark Age faster than many other civilizations, since their Shepherds work faster. It is important to. It's important to do damage on that first attack, without giving your opponent time to solidify his defenses and/or build up an army. Playing Age of Empires II well is really really fun. Don't give up just because there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you get it, AOEII is still one of the best games out there IMO. level 2. 5 points · 7 years ago War, once declared, must be waged. Nur mit einer starken Militärmacht wirst du in Age of Empires 2 erfolgreich sein. Doch hinter einer starken Armee steckt in erster Linie eine starke Wirtschaft. Schütze dich vor Rushern, die bereits im Feudalzeitalter oder in der Ritterzeit Angriffe vollführen. Solltest du hier deine Streitmacht vernachlässigen, (außer im Weltwunder-Wettstreit) wirst du verlieren. Werbeanzeige. Age of Empires II Tutorial Videos and Build Orders. Learn to play Aoe2 and become an expert. Contains tutorials for new players and advanced tutorials for in..

Tags: Age of Empire 2 anfangen, Age of Empires 2, aoe2, aoe2 beste Strategie, aoe2 strategie, Strategie Seit kurzem sind wir wieder begeisterte Spieler des Echtzeit-Strategiespiel Age of Empires 2. Da die Entwickler Ensemble Studios die neue Version Age of Empires 2 HD auf dem Markt gebracht haben, waren wir gespannt, was sich so verändert hat Age of Empires II: The Conquerors > Game Mods > Interactive Build Order Guide Interactive Build Order Guide by Cicero - 8312 downloads . Overview. Installation Help. A series of interactive tutorials for learning and practising build orders. Includes 10 build orders, each with step by step instructions in both text and audio, and a scoring system which will mark you at several benchmarks. Like most Age of Empires II strategies, there are plenty of versions of the same build order that people try out depending on civilization, enemy, and map layout. You are free to do the same here,..

Als Teenager war ich total vernarrt in Age of Empires II. Solltest du das Pech haben, diese Perle der modernen Echtzeitstrategie verpasst zu haben, so sieht das Spiel aus: Eine feindliche Burg, die gerade wehrlos niedergemetzelt wird. Es war das erste und bisher einzige Spiel, in das ich mich in einem solchen Ausmass vertieft hatte, dass ich das Gefühl hatte, wirklich durchzublicken. Nicht. Dark Age Build Order. TC ques 3 vils Vils build 2 houses Scout finds 4 sheep, woods, berries, boar, gold, stone Vils 1-6 on Sheep Vil 7 on Lumber Camp Vil 8 & 9 on Wood 10th builds house and lures boar injured vil Farms close to TC 11, 12, 13 Mill on Berries 14 - House and boar lure Injured vil farms . At this point, there are two ways to go - Wood or Food Wood for Feudal buildings (archery.

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In the Castle Age, you'll want to build 2 to 3 more town centers for optimal growth. Create more villagers from your town center. In order to continue with the steady flow of villager creation, you'll need to remember to frequently build houses with your lumberjacks Age of Empires 2 war schon immer für seine Cheats bekannt. In der Definitive Edition sind sie zurück und bringen jede Menge absurde Einheiten Build Orders Build Orders #1 Les BO de base applicables pour un max de civilisations. 7: 9: BO : scout rush (22 Jeu 9 Avr - 01:16 (2020) Invité : Build Orders #2 Les BO avancés applicables pour une civilisation en particulier. 3: 3: Listing des stratégi Dim 26 Mai - 00:57 (2013) Miao

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  1. Age of Empires II, the classic real-time strategy (RTS) game, has been remade and released in a Definitive Edition for its 20th anniversary. New artwork, new animations, and new civilizations are.
  2. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is now available! Round out your definitive collection today! Custom Mods. Find new game mods or create your own and share! Browse Mods. Installed Mods. My Mods. Submit a Mod. Download & Install Instructions . Download & Install Instructions. Become an Age Insider! Insiders unlock access to exclusive news, updates, and opportunities to provide feedback.
  3. Dark Age / Feudal Age Build Order. 1-2 house then sheep. 3 house then sheep -> Only ever harvest 1 animal in the beginning or you will lose food due to rot! Send your scout in circles around your TC (Town Center) and search for animals (sheep etc), resources and ! 2 Boars . 4-6 sheep. 7 lumber camp near the start with a good wood line. 8-10 wood at the lumber camp. 11 house near boar then lure.
  4. Dark Age. Queue up 4 villagers in TC (HCCCC) Of your starting 3 villagers, 2 build one house and the 3rd builds another. Scout searches for 4 sheep. Send 1st sheep to TC and after your villagers build houses, send them to gather food from sheep. First 6 villagers go to sheep. Scout for more sheep, and keep sending sheep one by one. This.
  5. Build Orders. Learn build orders. Build orders are the foundation of this game. Age of Empires really only has one resource. Time. The player who makes the best use of time will win the match. Nerds have been playing this game for like 20 years now. That means that people have had a long time to figure out the most efficient way to do things.
  6. The Khmer's naval power is weakened drastically with the loss of Shipwright, which is most likely to balance out their ability to build any building or advance to the next age without prerequisites. Their Battle Elephants are also weaker, since their base attack is reduced to 14, but were given the Hussar upgrade to improve their trash war potential and late-game cavalry
  7. Age of Empires 2 Strategy Strategy Guide Tutorial: In this video guide we look at strategy to use with the Britons! In Age of Empires 2 HD and in The Forgott..

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These tricks may only apply to Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. And I assume that most of you can execute any build order.. but if you are a complete beginner or low intermediate; Here is the 6-steps formula you need: Learning AoE2 in a 6-Steps Formula (Respect The Order) Find & Practice the easiest build order which is 23 Pop Archers And practice it 3 - 10 times a day with an AI. Learn. Mit den folgenden Tipps zu Age of Empires 2 sind Sie erfolgreicher im Kampf gegen die KI und andere menschliche Gegner. Verteidigungs-Tipps zu Age of Empires 2. Diese Verteidigungs-Tipps helfen Ihnen, die Stellung gegen attackierende Gegner zu halten: Steigen Sie möglichst schnell im Zeitalter auf, um eine Kaserne zu bauen. Bilden Sie dann ein paar Einheiten aus, um Gegner zu eliminieren. Guide; Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition: Die besten Tipps & Tricks. Mit Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition meldet sich der Strategiespiel-Klassiker in verbesserter Optik und vielen Neuerungen zurück. Für den optimalen Einstieg stellen wir euch die besten Tipps & Tricks vor. von Niklas Walkerling am 18.11.2019, 15:53 Uh Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular strategy games ever with stunning 4K Ultra HD graphics, a new and fully remastered soundtrack, and brand-new content, The Last Khans with 3 new campaigns and 4 new civilizations. Chronological Order of Campaigns. 3rd) Place enough vills on wood to keep dock working and making houses as well as some additional wood to build the remaining Dark Age building to purchase the Feudal Age upgrade. 4th) Scout the map until you have found all the resources you will need for your strategy. It is normal to scout with a villager in nomad unless we were lucky enough to find some sheep. It is crucial to find enough.

Tastaturshortcuts für Age of Empires II Teil I: Einheiten Teil II: Gebäude. Allgemeine Befehle an Einheiten: Entf G S: Diese Einheit entfernen In ein Gebäude einquartieren Laufende Aktion stoppen: Befehle an Dorfbewohner: B: E I G Z D F S M Y U N: Gebäude bauen Haus Mühle Bergarbeiterlager Holzfällerlager Hafen Feld Schmiede Marktplatz Kloster Universität Dorfzentrum: V: B A L K Q P W T. Die große Stärke der Briten in Age of Empires 2 ist ihre Spezialeinheit, die Langbögen. Wenn Sie 20-30 Langbögen auf einen Feind schicken, benötigt dieser eine wirklich gute Verteidigung, um überleben zu können. Nur wenige Einheiten wie etwa die fränkischen Ritter oder die Huskarls der Goten sind stark gegen Langbögen. Entwickeln Sie hauptsächlich die Langbögen weiter. Wenn diese. Sie möchten Age of Empires 2 unter Windows 10 spielen, aber es kommt zu Fehlermeldungen. Hier die Anleitung: Age of Empires 2 CD einlegen und den Windows Explorer öffnen (WinTaste+E) dann auf das CD Laufwerk gehen dann Rechtsklick! Spiel Vollständig installieren !!! Ordner anlegen mit JA Bestätigen . Nach erfolgreicher Installation auf SETUP Menü klicken ! Dann auf Beenden gehen und noch. Those 2 builds are completely different For both you must remember to scout all your resources (wood, 8 sheep(4+2+2) , 2 boars , main gold pile (8 tiles) and 1 stone pile. And never let the town centre be idle, always keep making villagers First s.. Simple Fast Castle Build Order. A complete guide to get you started with the Civs of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, their respective Tech Trees, and their individual counters. Aztecs Special Civilisation Bonuses: Villagers carry capacity +5; All Military Units are created 15% faster; Monks gain 5 HP for every tech researched at the.

Bronze Age guide: The new version of the guide that explains how to get to the Bronze Age in 13 minutes, written by Ken Stanley. Age of Empires strategies General strategies 1. Building placement: take advantage of the territory 2. Choose your tribe: much is decided for the game actually starts 3. Conquest strategies : how to defeat the opponents - by Bazooka: 4. Deathmatch games: demand. Comment développer son économie dans Age of Empires 2. < !--Note aux futurs éditeurs : les numéros ne doivent pas être remplacés par leurs équivalents en lettres, même si c'était grammaticalement plus correct. C'est un article qui parle.. Age of Empires 2 HD Deutsch: Schöner, schlauer, besser: Age of Empires kommt als HD-Remake zurück auf Ihren Rechner. Wer den Kult-Strategie-Hit liebt, sollte zuschlagen This build order is universally considered the safest and least likely to be countered. You open your game by making a Barracks (rax) in Age 1 and set yourself up so when you hit Age 2, you immediately make your 2nd TC

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A series of interactive tutorials for learning + practising build orders. Includes 10 scenarios. English. Upgrade Account » 3313 players online. Login | Register | Help. Home. Register. Teams. Forum. About. Support. Member Plus. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors > Game Mods > Interactive Build Order Guide Interactive Build Order Guide by Cicero - 8305 downloads. Overview. Installation Help. Build Order is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Celtic Tutorial Campaign. It teaches the player the importance of gathering wood and building houses

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition - Erfolge Leitfaden / Achievement Guide hilft euch garantiert dabei das Strategiespiel zu 100% zu beenden.Unsere Lösungen zu Age of Empires: Definitive Edition beschreiben wir einfach, klar, verständlich und so, dass ihr alle Erfolge in einem Spieldurchgang ergattern könnt.Mehr Durchgänge und Sonstiges, dass es zu beachten gilt erklären wir, wenn. Age of Empires requires the player to develop a civilization from a handful of hunter-gatherers to an expansive Iron Age empire. To assure victory, the player must gather resources in order to pay for new units, buildings and more advanced technology. Resources must also be preserved, as no new resources become available as the game progresses, meaning, if you cut a tree down, the tree will. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a real-time strategy video game co-developed by Tantalus Media, Forgotten Empires and Wicked Witch, published by Xbox Game Studios. It is a remaster of the original game Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original.It features significantly improved visuals, supports 4K resolution, and The Last Khans, an. Age of Empires 2 Conquerors,Cheats,no cd crack, Full Version Free Download,Strategies and many more. Keep visiting for more updates. Friday, 22 June 2007 . Age of Empires Strategy- Trush or Tower Rush Strategy making is considered to be the most important part of Age of Empires.Read this strategy only when you have mastered the timing,the counters and other points mentioned in the previous. Age of Empires II ist eine Folge von Age of Empires I, einem PC-Spiel-Bestseller. Age of Empires II erlaubt es dir, dreizehn verschiedene Zivilisationen zu spielen, jede mit verschiedenen Einheiten und einzigartiger Architektur. Diese Anleitung ist für Anfänger bis mäßige Spieler gedacht. Für fortgeschrittene Spieler, die leicht einen schweren Computer schlagen können, ist sie nutzlos

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In der Definitive Edition von Age of Empires gelten die gleichen Cheats wie im Originalteil von 1997 - nur mit einer klitzekleinen Ausnahme: In der neuen Edition sind alle Erweiterungen dabei. Those two cut wood and build houses when they can. Do not mine coin in the first age, thats just silly. Keep making villagers until about 17 or 18, age up with the 500 food opinion. Send all but 3 villagers to wood and 1 on coin (2 on coin depending on how much you started with) Die Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition erhält das erste große Update 34055. Die Patch Notes haben die Entwickler bereits veröffentlicht - die Liste der Änderungen fällt umfangreich aus. Wie. Age of Empires Komplettlösung (PC): Tipps, Tricks und Cheats. Was Sie auf keinen Fall machen sollten: 1. Alle Dorfbewohner im Eimer. Das könnte sich als folgenschwerer Fehler herausstellen

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Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Civilizations which are incredible in the latest patch and these are mostly banned during pro player matches because how strong they are. Any of these civs are a great choice if you wan't to win a majority of your games. A Tier - Powerful. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Civilizations which are very popular and will give you an advantage over other. Build a barrack as soon as you get 200 wood. Send the builder to gather food (stocking food to age up) and have another wood-cutter to build ASAP 3 houses. (You may want to train a spearman to protect your villagers from early attacks). Keep training villagers and when you reach 300 food, Age Up Age of Empires, the pivotal RTS that launched a 20-year legacy returns in definitive form for Windows 10 PCs. Bringing together all of the officially released content with modernized gameplay, all-new visuals and a host of other new features, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is the complete RTS package. Engage in over 40 hours of updated campaign content with new narration and pacing, jump. 2 forward villagers move out; Sheriff doesn't use scout to escort villagers - I'd recommend this based on no loom; 12:27. 9 villagers move and begin mining stone; Now we have 2 forward, 2 on berries, 9 on stone and 6 on wood; Build a couple houses ; Sell stone at market and buy just enough woof to build to monasteries (350 wood) 13:52. Reach Castl Age of Empires 2 - Age of Kings. Fragen und Antworten. Bestes Volk. AoE 2 (Übersicht) News (1 News) Artikel (6 Artikel) Cheats (Tipps und Tricks, 9 Beiträge) Fragen und Antworten (444 Fragen.

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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with the newly released Definitive Edition of Age of Empires The core gameplay in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition didn't change too much when compared to the original AoE II game. It's still a good old real-time strategy game, where you need to send workers to gather resources, build your base, recruit an army, make research, and use the technological advantage to surprise and wipe out your enemies. There are, however, certain changes and. Gameplay. Age of Empires II is a real-time strategy game that focuses on building towns, gathering resources, and creating armies to defeat opponents. Players conquer rival towns and empires as they advance one of 13 civilizations through four Ages: the Dark Age, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age (being the High Middle Ages), and the Imperial Age, reminiscent of the Renaissance—a 1000-year. Guide; Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition: Alle Cheats zum Klassiker. In Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition gibt es eine Menge Cheats, die euch das Leben einfacher machen oder einfach nur lustig sind. Erfahrt in unserem Cheats-Guide, welche Cheats es gibt, wie ihr sie benutzt und was sie bewirken. von Niklas Walkerling am 18.11.2019, 15:24 Uh

During the Feudal Age research, build a barracks using one of your lumberjacks. The barracks doesn't need to be placed anywhere strategic, as you will be building many more. The creation of militia during the research and during the Feudal Age should be avoided due to the high costs. Infantry become much cheaper during the Castle and Imperial Ages. Advertisement. Method 2 of 4: Feudal Age. 1. save Save Age of Empires - Build Order Reference For Later. 2 2 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as not useful Embed. Share. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Stravinsky - 3 Pieces for Clarinet Solo. Radio corpse - Daniel Newton Tiffany.pdf. A. Mengozzi (Ed.)-Religious Poetry in Vernacular Syriac From Northern Iraq (17th-20th Centuries). an.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Steam) 2-12-20 Trainer +11 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Steam) 2-25-20 Trainer +11 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Steam) 3-25-20 Trainer +11 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Windows Store) 4-24-20 Trainer +10 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Windows Store) 4-24-20 Trainer +1

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Age of Empires. Age of Empires is an epic real-time strategy game spanning 10,000 years, in which players are the guiding spirit in t.. The official Age of Empires & Age of Mythology community! Building empires from the ancient world to the modern age! | 34,537 member Frage zu Age of Empires 2 HD Hotkeys. Gaming. Games. MedivhGG 2018-05-21 08:04:07 UTC #1. Moin Ich hoffe, dass das hier das richtige unterforum ist für diese Frage: Ich möchte bei AoE 2 meine hotkeys ändern, standardmäßig sind unter erschaffen von dorfbewohnern sowohl häuser, als auch kaserne auf q, was sinn macht, da man ja erst militärgebäude oder zivilgebäude bauen auswählen.

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Starting age: Post-Imperial 3 players (one of them your Italian ally) Other settings can be whatever you like but islands and/or standard or lower difficulty AI will let you train units in peace. Build another TC and train vills until you have 20 or so and build tons of barracks (34 lets you queue up your entire pop limit at once). Once you. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition feiert den 20. Jahrestag eines der beliebtesten Strategiespiele aller Zeiten mit atemberaubenden 4K Ultra HD-Grafiken, einem neuen und vollständig überarbeiteten Soundtrack und brandneuem Content, The Last Khans mit 3 neuen Kampagnen und 4 neuen Zivilisationen. Einlösen des Codes auf einem Windows 10-Gerät: 1. Wählen Sie in der Taskleiste oder im. The Greek Campaign is the line of quests exclusively available to the Greek civilization in Age of Empires Online In Age of Empires 2, the Pause feature has been modified so that you can take any possible game action while the game is paused. Most importantly, this means that you can analyze the situation and issue orders to any and all of your units, all within the instant of time determined by how long it takes you to press the F3 key. The tactics and operations that are possible using this feature are.

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Last August on Gamescom 2017 Microsoft announced a nice suprise for the aoe2 fans: Microsoft is working on Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition! I collected all the information I could find and made the complete guide. Let's dive into aoe2de Spielaufbau. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (abgekürzt AoE 2 oder AoK oder Age 2) knüpft in spieletechnischer Hinsicht eng an Age of Empires an. Zeitlich ist das Spiel zwischen dem Ende Roms und der Entdeckung Amerikas durch Christoph Kolumbus, also in der Zeit des Mittelalters, angesiedelt.Es reiht sich somit chronologisch ungefähr hinter The Rise of Rome ein, wobei sich die. Scripting Guide - UserPatch v1.5. Ai Reference Sn Reference Rm Reference. Strategic Number Search. Ai Command Search . Rm Command Search. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion is a game by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios..

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Age of Empires 2 HD Alle Einheiten und Kontereinheiten dargestellt in einer Übersicht - Vollständige Liste als PDF-Datei zum Download - Tipps und Tricks für Age of Empires II HD - Stärken und Schwächen der Einheiten der Age of Empires 2 HD Völker dargestellt in einer Tabelle - Vor- und Nachteile der Einheiten der Age of Empires II HD Völker - Einheiten der verschiedenen Völker im. For Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Noob question - how do you GROUP units? Age of Empires Definitive Edition is out right now on PC, giving players the chance to recapture (or capture for the first time) the intense action of this groundbreaking strategy game that.

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Full list of all 138 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Win 10) achievements worth 1,300 gamerscore. The base game contains 100 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there is 1 DLC packs. Game (Age of Empires 2:Definitive Edition=aoe2de) leaderboard_id (Optional, defaults to 3) Leaderboard ID is used when search is defined, will find the highest rated player matching the search term (Unranked=0, 1v1 Deathmatch=1, Team Deathmatch=2, 1v1 Random Map=3, Team Random Map=4) language (Optional, defaults to en) - not fully translated Language (en, de, el, es, es-MX, fr, hi, it, ja, ko. This being said, I fired up Age of Empires and started a 1v1 game against a bot on hardest. To my surprise, I got absolutely obliterated I lost the game in under 20 minutes. My conscience being unable to bear such an insult, I decided to hone my build order to be able to beat the new Age of Empires II AI on Hardest Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition game guide focuses on how to get Sheep Hoarder Achievement/ Trophy walkthrough. Your mission is to Gather 20 sheep in a Random Map game.. The guide will give you walkthrough, basic tips, and tricks on how to get Sheep Hoarder Achievement/ Trophy in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of. Age of Empires App zurücksetzen: Öffnet die Windows 10 Einstellungen; Klickt auf Apps. Klickt auf Age of Empires Definitive Edition. Klickt auf Erweiterte Optionen. Auf Zurücksetzen klicken; Noch nicht starten - der Fehler wird wahrscheinlich weiterhin auftreten. Deinstalliert das Spiel erstmal korrekt. Age of Empires deinstallieren Mandinkas- Build an empire upon gold and salt. Moors- Strive with foes all across the Mediterranean. Muisca- Lead the armies of the Zipa or the Zaque to victory. Khmers- Dominate Southeast Asia with vast armies, cultural strength, and mastery of war elephants. Turcomans- Rule Khanates from Anatolia to Manchuria. Tufans- Descend from the Himalayas to forge an enduring empire. Viets- Drive out.

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